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Maven repository being migrated to nexus

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Our maven repository is being migrated to a new location with nexus behind it. This means that download emails no longer contain the repository location until this has been implemented…

Thanks for your understanding!

Releases 3.7.0M4 ready

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

The next milestone build in our new maven ecosystem is ready!

We’ve fixed a lot of cosmetic issues from the previous releases (but expect no perfection yet:-).

Available on our website

Releases 3.7.0M2 are out!

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Big news: our new 3.7.0M2 releases are out for ExtremeTransactions and TransactionsEssentials!

If you look at the release notes then you will see that there are not that many new features (besides bug fixes and some important performance tuning). So what makes these new releases big news then? It’s our new release process and build infrastructure that made them possible.

That’s right: we have a new build process. We are now officially using maven and mercurial for our builds, instead of ant and svn. Also, we have tuned our repository architecture to better match our business model: we are now tuned towards more frequent releases of ExtremeTransactions and optimized even more for our support business.

So we hope you enjoy the new releases as much as we do! Beware though: they are milestone builds, meaning they are bound to have minor issues still. This is mostly due to initial imperfections in our new build process. After all, it _is_ a new way of working for all of us!