TCC for transaction management across microservices

September 30th, 2014

Microservices are all about splitting up responsibilities of your domain’s bounded context into several HTTP-like services, deployed independently. So essentially it means splitting up process boundaries across different services - away from the monolith…

What is the consequence for your business transactions? In some (though not all) cases you may need some notion of transaction management but you can’t resort to XA or classical distributed transactions in the REST world…

So what are your options? Our newest API, TCC for REST, allows light-weight BPM and transaction management across independent REST services. Interested in learning all about it? Find out for yourself here (requires registration).

Web scale and cloud scale JEE without application server

September 30th, 2014

Scaling applications to the web and the cloud - combined with continuous deployment automation practices - is not easy. The current rigid and oversized infrastructure platforms don’t help here.

So it’s time for something different: discover our increasingly popular “no-appserver-paradigm”, enabling you to use all of the enterprise features without the heavy platform burden…

Download the full article here! (requires registration)

Light-weight BPM for REST

September 28th, 2014

Some people will claim that REST does not need BPM because it provides all the semantics you need.

However, if you look beneath the hood then it turns out that this is not exactly true: in particular, if multiple (independent) REST services need to come to the same outcome then you want something more…

Wondering what that is? Good! It’s all explained in one of our latest publications - to learn the details: just fill out this form.


Transaction management API for REST: TCC

September 28th, 2014

So you’re into REST and you are wondering how to define some kind of transaction guarantee with it…

Look no further, because we have exactly what you need:

  • A design pattern
  • A simple, vendor-independent REST API
  • Backed by a reusable coordinator service if you need one (that is up to you, really)

Find out for yourself here! (requires registration)

TCC context

If you have any questions or remarks, we’d love to hear about it…

Distributed transactions with multiple databases, Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA and Atomikos

August 19th, 2014

Another interesting blog post showing off Atomikos with Spring Boot and JPA.

As soon as we get some spare time (sigh) we’re hoping to look a bit more into Spring Boot, BTW.

Spring JTA multiple resource transactions in Tomcat with Atomikos example

August 19th, 2014

We found this nice tutorial by Gonçalo Marques covering basic two-phase commit with Spring, Tomcat and Atomikos.


PS with our latest Tomcat integration - available to commercial subscribers - things are even easier :-)

The further decline of the app server

July 5th, 2014

Interesting independent survey: 68% uses a web container like Tomcat or Jetty.

Appserver stats

Credit for the survey is due to Zero Turnaround

Why we should dump JEE

June 25th, 2014

Again, some solid 3rd party confirmation that we were right about JEE without application server

Suffice it to say: we’re one of the first ones to modularise and open up the APIs of JEE…

Summer holidays: production support only

June 25th, 2014

As usual, we will be closed a few weeks during the Summer holidays 2014. This means that we will only offer production support (no other services) during the following weeks:

  • July 7-14 (inclusive)
  • August 18-29 (inclusive)

Thanks for your understanding!

Can you help us transition to mainstream?

June 22nd, 2014

We want to ask for your help and/or feedback on the following matter…

We’re a small company with no VC money to burn so we need a sustainable customer base and dito commercial offerings.

During the last year or so, we’ve been trying to transform towards a mainstream customer base (as opposed to fewer, bigger but select customers). For this, we needed a more modest and flexible pricing scheme as well as some more individualised service offerings. The numerous prospects we’ve talked to have driven us towards the following formula.

So here is the question: what feedback are you willing to share with us? Is there anything important we’ve missed that could convince your company to purchase from us (and thereby make our continued open source offerings possible)?

If you have anything you want to share, please feel free to comment on this post… [UPDATE: if you have no login then feel free to email us at info at atomikos dot com]

Thank you!

Guy Pardon
Co-founder and CTO